Shoveling Time in Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The heavy and wet snow coming down is making it a daunting task for those who have to shovel.

In Superior, those out shoveling say it was difficult to even get outside the front door Tuesday morning. Though shoveling can be a back breaking chore, some folks are just happy to have a break from school.

“I haven’t shoveled since I was about six years old, so it’s great to get back out here,” Superior resident Paris Kallevig says.

“It’s been pretty hard because our snow blower is broken so we’ve been out here shoveling by hand for about an hour to an hour and a half,” Superior resident Maddie Larson says.

For some, the amount of snow is overwhelming, but shoveling is necessary in certain areas to avoid being fined by the city.

“Overwhelmed, it’s a lot. If we don’t clean up/clear a path on tower we get fined like a hundred some bucks. So, within twenty four hours of a snow storm we have to have a clean path and I don’t know how to work the snow blower, so I’m shoveling,” Superior resident Jaelynn Humphrey says.

Those who have been shoveling can look forward to a break here soon, with the storm expected to wrap up Tuesday night.

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