Duluth Children’s Museum Prep for Busy Week

DULUTH, Minn. – The combination of winter break for Duluth Public Schools and the recent snow and cold is making for a busy week for indoor activities across the Twin Ports.

The Duluth Children’s Museum says they are ready to handle the higher number of kids and parents looking to do something outside the home.

“If last weekend was any indicator,” says President/CEO Cameron Kruger, “we’re going to be very, very busy this week.”

“One of the favorite parts of our experience is being able to provide this safe, warm, inside, grows motor skills play opportunities.  So when you’re looking to get your kids wiggles out, that’s what the Duluth Children’s Museum is really here for.”

The museum will continue having their usual daily activities, workshops, and camps, ranging from learning about wild rice to creating their own games.

“The whole thing is designed so that parents and caregivers have great opportunities to play with their kids here as well,” says Kruger.

Cameron adds the Can of Worms construction project, which is near their location in Lincoln Park, has not stopped people from coming.  “We’re actually feeling like it’s highlighting us a lot.  You can see the museum from the highway right now because the bridge isn’t there, which we like to take advantage of.  As the road construction happens this summer, a lot of traffic is going to be diverted right into the corridor here, which means that we’re thinking that they’re going to be a lot of exposure for our business here in Lincoln Park.”

The Duluth Children’s Museum is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9 to 4.

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