Energy Design Conference Held at DECC

DULUTH, Minn. – Dozens of builders, contractors, and others in the trades have spent the past two days at the DECC learning how they can make new and existing homes more energy efficient.

The 32nd annual Energy Design Conference, hosted by Minnesota Power, allows people to learn new information covering a range of building practices.

“We do see a large amount of local people,” says Jon Sullivan, Program and Services Senior with Minnesota Power, “but we certainly have a lot of people who actually travel from the Twin Cities area.  Some of the presenters we have come from the East Coast, from the West Coast, to present as well.  So there’s definitely a reach.”

Sessions scheduled for this week have seen a growth in interest in recent weeks, ranging from heat pumps, removing asbestos and lead paint, installing windows, and charging electric vehicles.

“I think there’s definitely been an emergence in that kind of topic, and an interest in that,” says Jon Sullivan, Program and Services Senior with Minnesota Power.  “Especially in the builds and the trades.  So there’s definitely an appetite in learning more about the best practices around the building science.  How do you build more resilient efficient homes and buildings?  What sort of technologies pair well with that?”

The event is also a chance for attendees to earn continuing education credits to achieve and maintain certification and licenses.

For the general public, Sullivan says this event is an opportunity for people who will be working on home improvement projects have the knowledge to do it properly.  “I think everyone who comes to this has a desire to continue to improve.  We hope that the content that we can provide gives them some information that they can apply in the field, and help customers and their clients, and build more resilient and energy efficient buildings.”

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