Over 100 Tickets and 40 Tows in City’s Second Snow Emergency

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s the aftermath of the second declared snow emergency this winter and with nearly 17” of snow later, the city of Duluth and its residents respond.

“Yeah, so not very good right now, but it’s the best that they can do it seems like,” Matthew Chau, a UMD Student said.

This is the first year the city has issued snow emergencies, requiring vehicles to move off designated snow routes by 9 p.m. before ticketing and towing follow.

But the city is trying to help drivers out by providing nine designated emergency parking lots around the city, like in Canal Park and at UMD, with the hope to add more.

“I am happy to report that we had over double the number of cars that did choose to park in our amnesty lots last night so that’s a good sign, certainly were seeing lots utilized more and less than others so we are continuing to evaluate that data,”  Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer, City Of Duluth said.

This latest snow emergency resulted in more than a hundred tickets and 40-plus tows — something not everyone agrees with.

“Also to have people moving, when they can’t even drive their cars, when I see vans can’t get up hills or anything, I think that could be a lot more problematic, there could be more crashes, then if you just let people park where they’ve could,” Chau said.

The city believes this new approach to snow removal is crucial to keep vital routes as open as possible from snow buildup to not help emergency vehicles, but keep residential parking available as winter piles on.

Officials say they’ll continue to look for more emergency parking options for the future.

“Certainly we are grateful for our partners that have offered up those lots, certainly UMD added the two yesterday which was really helpful but again it wasn’t like we didn’t try, so we are trying to think equitably across the city for people to use those lots,” Van Daele said.

The city of Duluth wants to remind its residents, in order to stay up to date on snow emergency information just head to their website.

A normal parking ticket in Duluth is $28 dollars, but when Duluth declares a snow emergency, they rise to $52 dollars.

To see a map of where the current lots are located, click here.

The City of Duluth also encourages people to sign up for Northland Alerts to receive updates, and also keep an eye on the social media for updates as well.

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