Local Veteran Weighs In on Possible Military Response in Ukraine

SUPERIOR, Wis. – As military action continues to escalate in Ukraine, could the United States and NATO nations soon get involved in direct conflict with Russia?  The commander of Superior’s American Legion Post 435 believes it can happen, but it may not be in Ukraine.

Eual Moore, who served two tours during the Vietnam War, has spent time in Lithuania and even met two of the top military commanders for the country.  He says concerns are growing in nearby NATO nations about a future invasion.  While troops from the alliance are in these countries, the current setup isn’t good enough.

“Right now we have troops in Poland, England’s in Latvia, Germany is in Lithuania, and Canada is in Estonia,” says Moore.  “They’re fine with that, but they want them on a permanent basis so that it is a total deterrent to Russia.  Not only the Article 5 would be invoked, one’s attacked we’re all attacked, but also would be a direct attack on a powerful NATO member.”

So far the Baltic nations have asked for Article 4, which is to have members work together to consider military actions if an attack on them does occur.

Moore says the current route of adding sanctions against Russia leaders, businesses, and others with connections to the country will not be enough.  “There’s been 100 sanctions levied against Russia in the last 10 years, and they certainly didn’t keep an invasion from happening in Ukraine.”

Moore adds it is likely that Ukraine will fall to Russia, citing the military advantages and strength they have compared to what is currently in the region.  Whether it expands to other nations will depend on how successful Putin sees his actions in the coming days.  “I think there will be (resistance), and that’s why I think we should supply (the Ukrainians) because if he has trouble with it that may deter him from trying to go forward.”

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