Enjoying the Day Out at Hartley

DULUTH, Minn. – With relatively warmer temps Monday, some people decided that it was a perfect time to head outdoors.

At Hartley Nature Center, the trails were busy with those out walking, biking, and skiing. With the streets still getting cleaned up from last week’s storm, conditions on the trail were much more inviting for those looking to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

“It’s hard for people to walk on the streets and sidewalks right now because there’s so much ice and snowbanks and everything is salty, but when you come to a park it’s really terrific,” Hartley visitor, Bob Crall says.

After being cooped up inside, getting out on the trails can be a great way to decompress from those winter blues.

“It’s healthy, get outdoors because not only is it physically healthy, it’s mentally healthy. It gives you a different perspective on things and I think Dave would agree, you feel more relaxed when you come back,” Hartley visitor, Frank Wanner says.

Trails like the ones at Hartley Nature Center are open to the public, and are an easy and accessible option for anyone wanting to get out and enjoy the wonders of Duluth.

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