Northern Star: Makoi Perich

For this week's segment, we feature an Esko boys basketball player who earlier this season, scored 50 points in a game to set a new school record.

ESKO, Minn. – Whether it’s on the football field or the basketball court, Esko’s Makoi Perich loves to score.

“The adrenaline, that’s what I like about it. It comes quite easy to me so I like those clutch moments when you score down the wire, that’s the most fun,” Perich, a sophomore guard for the Eskomos, said.

His competitive nature goes way back, growing up playing sports with his cousins and his older brother Mason. Now, they all share the floor together for the Eskomos.

“It was only a matter of time, we were always the top athletes in our grade,” Perich said.

“Sometimes they have too much fun, they like to try to throw alley-oops to each other which they’ve got one down but the success rate isn’t too high. But they can definitely fly around, they cover a lot of ground and they’re fun to watch on the court,” head coach Derek Anderson said.

Now as just a sophomore, Perich has led the Eskomos to a 22-3 record, averaging 28.5 points per game.

“He won our sixth man of the year award last year so we had some high expectations and I think he’s exceeded those,” Anderson said.

He even set a new school record this season, dropping 50 points in a 93-68 win over Cloquet.

“Scoring is part of the game and I’m a good scorer. It’s what I do,” Perich said of setting the new school record.

Perich says his individual success goes back to his athleticism and the confidence he’s always had.

“I’ve always been confident. This year in football really sparked that and it’s just grown ever since,” Perich said.

“Probably in elementary school. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been as confident as they come which is another reason he’s so good,” Anderson added.

But Perich says he isn’t worried about those stats: he’s focused on the playoffs and another run at state.

“He doesn’t want to lose at anything he does and then you add on to that the time he spends in the weight room plus he’s already athletic as it is to start with so you put those together and he’s been a pretty good player for us,” Anderson said.

“I hate losing. I just want to win a state championship, that’s all I want to do,” Perich added.

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