Burrito Union ‘Stands With Ukraine,’ Offers UNICEF Promotion

DULUTH, Minn. – Burrito Union says it “stands with Ukraine” after the owner said the restaurant’s Russian-themed cantina raised a few eyebrows recently.

Rod Raymond said Burrito Union’s strong soviet-style art deco appearance and branding has always been in good fun and in no way supports Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Raymond, who has friends in Ukraine and Russia, and has visited both countries said Burrito Union will donate $1 to UNICEF for every glass of People’s Pint lager sold until the conflict is over to support the children of Ukraine.

We’re going to do what we can here at the Burrito Union to be a part of that solution in this small little way, in this small little nook on 4th Street,” Raymond said. “Our staff care. They care about people, they care about the community. It’s almost a moment to reflect on what you have versus what you don’t have.”

UNICEF, if you didn’t know, is a world-leading non-profit that helps children in all types of crisis like war by providing food, water, protection and general health and hygiene care, among other emergency interventions.

UNICEF specifically has a fund for Ukrainian children and their families, which Burrito Union will donate to.

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