KYN: Duluth Parks and Rec Hosts Intro to Archery Classes

DULUTH, Minn.-Duluth Parks and Rec is hosting Intro to Archery Classes this spring for members of the community ages nine and up, to come and learn the basics of safety, technique, and process for shooting archery, while practicing their skills on the range.

“We started off our program tonight by talking about some basics, so we talked about the different equipment we use out on the range, some safety pieces to make sure we can use everything correctly and safely,” Rec Specialist with Duluth Parks and Rec, Sam Werle says.

Along with that, the class went into specifics about basic archery technique, how they use the bow, different parts of the shot, and how to properly draw, aim, and release.

“Shooting the arrow, how to shoot it, and how to put the arrow in the bow,” Participant Camden Sutton says.

“Teaching archery is a lot of fun. We get people that have done archery a lot and we get people who have never tried using a bow and arrow before. Its a good mix of people getting a refresher course and working on their skills, but also some folks are learning for the first time, and are able to pick it up pretty quickly,” says Sam Werle.

With a wide range of skill levels invited to attend, this inclusive activity can be fun for the whole family.

“We get to do it together, and since he’s learning we get to help each other,” Participant, Amanda Sutton says.

“Some youth that comes with parents or guardians, we have some adults that come on their own, it’s a wide range of people that can participate and it’s a great hobby to do when it’s cold out or when the weather isn’t great, get in get active,” Sam Werle says.

During the cold season, getting outside may not be so easy for some, so a class like this can be a fun indoor activity with benefits.

“Archery is a great activity especially in the winter, because our choices go down a little bit. This winter has been really cold so sometimes it’s tough to stay active and get out and get exercise or participate in our normal activities that are easier in nicer weather,” said Sam Werle.

Duluth parks and rec will continue to put on these classes, and once you participate in the intro class, you have the ability to join upper level classes such as open archery, youth archery club, and archery league.

For more information on what these classes entail and when they will be happening, you can visit the Duluth Parks and Rec Website.

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