Winter Weather Doesn’t Slow Work at Marina

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The ice on area lakes, rivers, and streams have kept boats off the water the past several months.  That doesn’t means companies that help keep boats in top shape have been enjoying an off season.

Barker’s Island Marina says this winter has been their busiest on record, having their largest staff ever to help repair and touch up dozens of boats for the upcoming season.  “When we have 300 to prep,” says CEO Eric Thomas, “we start in the fall prepping for the spring.”

With spring weather arriving soon, Thomas recommend people with any type of boat to take the time to look over it and make sure everything is still working.  “The first priority is will it float.  That’s a big deal.  As boats get more complicated, or even a simple boat, make sure you’ve got the plug in is the big thing.

“As they get bigger we’ve got to make sure that all the plugs are in, and all the hoses are tight.  The engines are ready; checking oil, checking fluids, making sure your batteries are good.  Making sure your safety gear is up to date.”

Thomas says the time it will take to do a pre-season checkup will all depend on the size of the boat.  “If you’ve got a canoe it might be an hour project where you get the leaves out of it and wash it.  If you’ve got a larger yacht it might be a week’s project or a month, or maybe it’s been worked on all winter.  Most boats, you have a nice day you take the cover off or take the shrink wax off.  Another day you wax it.  Maybe another day you get the bottom painted or polished up, check the engine.  Most people can get their prep done in a couple of afternoons.”

Overall, Thomas says to visit your boat soon and often so that it is ready to go once the weather allows it.  “Don’t delay, especially this year.  Many items are difficult to find and difficult to get given the supply chain issues going on.  But above all, just out on the water and enjoy it.”

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