Pain at the Pump Impacting Moving Trucks

SUPERIOR, Wis. — A moving company in Superior is feeling the pain at the pump and other places as gas prices continue to rise nationwide.

A1 movers in Superior travels almost a million miles a year moving people both locally and nationwide.

Owners say they’ve spent about a hundred thousand dollars more due to high gas prices.

They began charging a 2% surcharge for fuel in 2020 but now with the increased prices that has raised to 20%.

“We also suffer from the same cost factors on everything that we order. The transportation cost are being spiked because of fuel surcharges, the cost of the products that were using, as I mentioned with the cardboard, that but even in my personal life, there’s been an increase in there so were feeling the same cost height that everyone else is,”  John Nye, Co-Owner of A1 Movers said.

Though owners says business is booming, short staffing and continued inflation is also making things tough.

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