As Spring Approaches, Flooding Concerns Grow For Homeowners

DULUTH, Minn. – As many people are getting anxious for warmer air to move in, some are getting anxious about flooding concerns, especially inside homes, which can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Kevin Buck, owner of SERVPRO in The Twin Ports, said as ice melts off roofs, water can back up into a home’s shingles and get into ceilings and walls.

On top of that, snow piled up around the foundation of a home can also cause problems.

Buck said it’s a good idea to remove ice dams and snow as best as you can. But if flooding does start, he says don’t wait to tackle the problem thinking it’s a minor leak in the ceiling.

“The best thing to do is call a professional in, have them remove as much of that extra water as possible, bring the right dehumidification equipment in place and then the fans are set up to dry everything,” Buck said. “If you don’t have properly sized dehumidifiers to capture all that excess moisture, that moisture goes into your artwork, it goes into your bedding, into your ceilings, everything else.”

Buck also reminds you to test your sump pumps before the big thaw happens. He says the best thing to do is take a five-gallon bucket of water and pour it in the tank to see if the pump kicks on properly.

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