KYN: Harbor Rail Pub Open for Business

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – A familiar spot in downtown Two Harbors has taken on a new identity. The Harbor Rail Pub is now open for business, after initially being a space to rent with an upstairs three bedroom loft and downstairs event center.

“I never thought I would do this. I’ve never been in this business before, but I have great staff and I have wonderful support,” Owner, Donna Heil says.

Owner Donna Heil purchased the building in June of 2020, and after a flooding incident forced the business to remodel, revitalizing it to its former glory as a pub was presumed to be the prolific choice.

“We used a lot of the wood that we tore out of the project for trim around the bar and the loft area too so we repurposed everything we could, and it turned out absolutely beautiful,” said Donna Heil.

Along with new additions, the business has brought in some familiar decorations and past menu items in an effort to create a warm and welcoming space.

“I think it’s improvement in my mind to make things a little bit new in some ways: brighten up the space, do a little more d├ęcor. We have eight taps, we have a full bar, and we have fabulous bartenders,” Donna Heil says.

Two Harbors, a town built on the business of the harbor and railroad, Harbor Rail was named as such to represent the rich history in which the town beholds.

“Two Harbors is starting to flip and it’s starting to turn to this place to come and vacation and bring your family and enjoy the beautiful space we have here. I think it’s important for the community to have a place to go where they feel comfortable and they can socialize and have a place to linger, get some good food and have some good beer and some spirits as well,” Donna Heil says.

The Harbor Rail Pub is open daily at 3 PM, and hosts live entertainment on Saturdays and Karaoke nights on Thursdays.

“I just have the philosophy, if you think you want to try something you should just try it and just do it, and what’s the worst that can happen,” Donna Heil remarks.

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