Damiano Center Recreates First Meal for 40th Anniversary

DULUTH, Minn. – The community kitchen at Damiano Center celebrated its 40th anniversary Tuesday.

It recreated its first meal, served March 15, 1982, by offering the same hamburger soup recipe to everyone who attended.  In addition, the meal offered side such as a salad and mixed fruit, and pie ala mode for dessert.

Kitchen manager Flora Woodfork helped with the first meal and has remained with the center since.  After all these years, she’s amazed with how much the center has grown to meet the needs of the people who come to the center for help.

“It’s a good feeling to go home and know that you did something good,” says Woodfork, “instead of just walking around and doing nothing.  You’ve got to get your blessings from somewhere.  So I think I’m pretty blessed to have had this job this long, and being able to service the people.”

Damiano Center offers 19 meals during the week, making it the largest on-site meal program in northeast Minnesota.

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