Mayor Larson Encouraging a Return to Downtown Business

DULUTH, Minn. –Two years into the pandemic has taught us to adapt and be innovative Finding new ways to co-exist with the coronavirus.

City officials met for a press conference in the skywalk trying to remind people that it’s time to get back out again.

With people returning to work in-person, and the summer months getting closer, the goal is to make downtown Duluth vibrant again.

How to do this? The Greater Downtown Council, Mayor Emily Larson, and Police Chief Mike Tusken are promoting the downtown community, businesses and events to remind people about what there is to offer in downtown Duluth.

“This is the vision of who we are, this is how we move forward, and really excited to just remind people that downtown is here, it is open, we are excited, we are ready for you, come meet with us in the skywalk, do some laps, get some lunch, meet your friends, and most importantly, support these businesses that have been waiting for your return,” Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson, said.

With more people returning to work and others ready to visit downtown law enforcement is continuing to make themselves more accessible by adding a few extra patrols moving forward and being available to the public at any time.

“This is an opportunity for us to enjoy our downtown, to be out and about, recognize that the strength of our organization is always the community. The community is our eyes our ears, our forced multipliers for us, so if there are issues, by all means, reach out to us,” Mike Tusken, Duluth Police Chief said.

Greater Downtown Council member Kristi Stokes is a big part of promoting downtown, she hopes the highly visible police presence will help visitors feel even more comfortable with downtown safety.

“When we encourage people to come back, that also means that’s an additional set of eyes and ears on or downtown whether it’s in the skywalk system or on the street just like your neighborhoods, it allows you to be looking out for other people,” Stokes said.

Mayor Emily Larson says she will be speaking about this topic further in her state of the city address, and that in-person event takes place March 29th.

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