Northern Star: Callie Hoff

For this week's segment, we feature a UW-River Falls Women's Hockey Player who was just named D3 Player of the Year

RIVER FALLS, Wis. — The old Proctor hockey rink was a place that turned out many state tournament teams, but also produced a lot of notable talent, thanks to one alum that has dominated the D3 hockey scene.

“Now being the player of the year it’s just, a feeling, it’s hard to put into words,” Callie Hoff, Senior at UW-River Falls, and Laura Hurd Award Recipient said, after receiving news that she had just been named the D3 Player Of The Year.

“I just broke down cause I mean I definitely think this is a team award for all of us and we had four all Americans this year and that just says something about this program and the people that we put out,” Hoff added.

Falcons head coach Joe Cranston was one of the first calls Hoff made after getting the news.

“I’m just really proud of her for all of her accomplishments and she’s just so humble and you know the first thing she said you know it’s because of you and my assistant coaches and my players and the program that I was so fortunate to be a part of, she doesn’t just say it, she means it and knows it, just very genuine,” Coach Cranston said.

Hoff skated for the Proctor Hermantown mirage in her high school days and former coach Glen Gilderman described her style of play being one that others could improve from.

“You know she had high expectations of herself but of her teammates too so that’s always good to have someone who’s willing to put the work in but they have really high expectations too and that just really fits the bill for Callie,” Gilderman said.

And Hoff is proud to represent the Northland now too, with everything it has given her.

“Northern hockey is the real deal, it’s not a joke so, so many good things can come from up there and it’s brought me to down here and I’ve succeeded and that’s because of everything everyone’s given me back home,” Hoff said.

As for the future, Hoff says, there are options to further her hockey career but no decisions have been made at this point.

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