KYN: Detail and Dash, Not Your Ordinary Car Wash

SUPERIOR, Wis. – “It’s been awesome, it’s been really cool to see all the hard work pay off,” Detail and Dash Owner, Zach Tharge says.

It’s that time of year for spring cleaning especially when it comes to your car. Basic car washes can cause more harm than good to a vehicle, but one local business is taking a different approach when it comes to car detailing.

“A car wash is going to shoot water and soap, whatever kind of willy-nilly all over your vehicle. Those brushes are going to scratch your clear coat, which is obviously a big no-no. What we do, is we use micro-fiber wash mits, so it’s very soft on the paint,” said Tharge.

Zach Tharge owns Detail and Dash in Superior. He says he focuses on all aspects of the vehicle by using detail brushes to get those hard to reach places like the trim and wheel wells. Even on the interior they take Q-Tips to clean out the vents.

“We start by doing a pre-rinse of the vehicle on the exterior then a foam cannon, what that is doing is breaking the dirt down before it even touches the vehicle. Again, to limit scratching to limit any harm done to the vehicle,” explained Tharge.

The attention to detail involves multiple rinses, detail brushing, handwashing, and air drying to protect the paint of your car. For customers, the quality of the detail is what Tharge says, keeps them coming back.

“People are like, “Oh my gosh, it’s never looked this good since I have owned it. And lots of times, people say it is better than when they get it from the dealership. If you think about it, the dealerships, they’re not taking the time to Q-Tip the vents, and do all that extra stuff. So, lots of times people are floored by the results,” remarks Tharge.

Detail and Dash, which started five years ago, doesn’t do just cars, but they also do RV’s, boats, jet-skis, and anything else that has a motor. As long as it is mobile, they can clean it. But, if its an issue for you to bring it to them, they can come directly to your door.

“We will go to the customers houses in the summer time. During the winter we can do delivery detailing when they’re at work, maybe they have the day off we can pick it up from their house, bring it here, detail it, and then deliver it right back,” said Tharge.

Tharge says he’ll soon be stepping up his game with exclusive higher-end services.

“When you do something that you like doing everyday, and the customer appreciates the quality job, it kind of just organically grows,” Targe exclaimed.

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