Late Season Winter Storm No Issues for MnDOT

DULUTH, Minn. – Winter weather is not leaving the Northland yet, and road crews have been busy prepping for the wide range of precipitation that has fallen.

MnDOT says this winter has seen few days of rest with persistent light snowfalls and below zero temperatures.  Preparations for this storm have been routine, with warmer temperatures last weekend allowing them to pre-treat roads for the snow and ice before the rain changed to sleet.

“We came in at midnight to prepare for the sleet mixture,” says Heather Davis, a transportation generalist with MnDOT. “So we pre-treated before the rain started.  Now the rain and changed to sleet this morning.  It doesn’t really change things.  The amount of product and when we put it down is normally what changes via snow and the sleet.  Other than that, business as normal.”

Davis adds there is always a plan in place no matter the season, and they hope people have not forgotten their winter driving skills after last week’s taste of spring weather.  “Absolutely don’t crowd the plow, give us space. We’ll take care of it and get you there.”

Crews will be adjusting how much grit and salt they will lay down, and when they will be using their plows, as weather conditions change.

Davis says this winter has been busy for MnDOT due to the way various storm systems have move through the past several months.  “I think from Christmas until a couple weeks ago we’ve had a couple days off.  It’s been nice to have the last two weeks off and just let everything melt and get rid of itself.  We’ve not forgot, so this one will be an easy one.  It will be fine.”

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