Broman Brothers Release New Basketball Training App

If you sign up now you'll get the first month for $1

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Two years ago Bjorn and Anders Broman took their basketball training program digital. Now it’s turned into a new app to help kids everywhere prefect their skills.

“Kids are living on their phones, so we were thinking, how can we get in front of these kids to help them to get off their phone, to get off Instagram, to get off Tik-Tok, to get off Facebook, whatever they’re on and go out and improve their game”, says Anders Broman.

Through the Broman Academy, the brothers continue to coach countless kids virtually through a feedback option found on the app.

Bjorn Broman says, “You can talk to us and we usually answer within an hour. That’s honestly one of our favorite parts, that feedback with every player.”

This is only the start. The brothers hope to expand their app to hit-on even more aspects of the game.

“We give out three workouts per week, so we want to continue adding more and more workouts to it,” says Bjorn, “We’re going to add a strength and conditioning set of all these different types of workouts, we’re going to do nutrition, recovery, we want to keep adding more and more pieces.”

The brothers say this style of training could be the future of development in athletics, with the ability to reach anyone, anywhere.

“It’s just an easy way to continue to improve your game without having to go somewhere special, to pay a lot of money, it’s a simple way everyone can be involved and improve their game,” says Anders.

If you’re interested in signing up, click here.

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