Fox 21 Meteorologists Stop By Cloquet Middle School

CLOQUET, Minn. — Our FOX 21 weather team, Rusty Mehlberg, Ken Slama and Sam Gabrielli, stopped by Cloquet Middle School on Friday morning to get some 8th graders jazzed up about weather and other science stuff.

The 8th grade science class has been doing different experiments and learning about pressures, and weather systems like cold and warm fronts.

“It’s great having someone from a different occupation come in, they listen to us teach every day, but sometimes they don’t even know that certain, other careers exist, besides just ones they see every day, so having someone come in, especially someone they might see on television or somewhere else is really important, especially having them be a local presence is really great,” Katherine Nistler, 8th Grade Science Teacher said.

Teacher Katherine Nistler says it’s a beneficial experience for the kids to engage with professionals, and it also makes her happy to see the kids interested in something educational.

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