Northern Star: The Asumas

For this week's segment, we feature three family members on the Cherry basketball team who are already making a huge impact on the Tigers.

IRON, Minn. – Brothers Isaac and Noah and their cousin Isaiah Asuma have been playing basketball together since they could remember.

“Not a lot of people get to do this. We’ve been playing with each other since like kindergarten or pre school. We go to workout in Duluth against each other so it’s really fun and they push me a lot,” seventh grader Isaiah said.

“They’re always keeping us accountable and just pushing me,” eighth grader Noah added.

But this was the year they were all waiting for as the three Asuma boys played together on the Cherry varsity squad.

“We’ve been talking about this since growing up on the driveway and hoops out there so it’s cool to actually do it on the court on the varsity level,” sophomore Isaac said.

“I’ve been waiting for the day for all of them to be up on varsity. I knew when this day came, we were going to be a really special team,” head coach Jordan Christianson added.

And it was pretty good for year one as they led the Tigers to just their second ever state tournament, first since 1997.

“We used to talk about it when we were little like oh we’re going to go to state this year, this year and this year,” Isaac said.

“I did not expect it to click like this for a seventh, eighth and 10th grader for them. But man they’re gamers, they love to play the game, they love to improve,” Christianson added.

But these three are just continuing the family tradition as the Asumas have had plenty of success on the Cherry basketball courts.

“Their great uncle, he used to coach here for 35 years. Their uncles and their parents, they all played here so it’s just a really special community and they’ve definitely helped the culture here,” Christianson said.

Now, that success will only continue as there’s still two more years left with all three Asuma boys as they continue to make names for themselves and the Cherry program.

“I just want to grow on my ballhandling and getting better at the little stuff,” Noah said.

“At their rate, they’re better than me when I was their age so it keeps me pushing like oh I need to be better than them when they catch up to my age,” Isaac added.

“I’m really looking forward to going to state again and repeating this process and hopefully we can win a state championship,” Isaiah said.

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