Lincoln Park to Undergo Much Needed Transformations

DULUTH, Minn.– Duluth’s Ecolibrium3 has been awarded more than 800-thousand dollars to address economic, educational and health disparities in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood.

The money is coming from the Department of Employment and Economic Development. It’ll fund three construction projects including a small-footprint grocery store with fresh produce on W Superior St. This effort will help to close the gap on what’s been a food desert for years, with the nearest grocery store miles away in west Duluth.

“It really is based in our heart. The work that we do needs to benefit the residents of this neighborhood,” says Ecolibrium3 CEO Jodi Slick, “This is really our biggest opportunity to bring those resources, both on the food, the education and even individual economic development to our neighborhood residents.”

Funds will also go toward the redevelopment of the Lincoln Park Center which will feature a public computer lab and other resources to help with employment issues. Lastly, the Duluth Children’s Museum will expand to develop a STEM Lab and CreateSpace for children.

Duluth’s City Councilor Renee Van Nett says, “We’re super excited for all the programs, with all the work the community is doing–housing, health disparities, everything that we are fighting for come to fruition. We have more work to do and I get that, but this is definitely a step up and step out.”

Ecolibrium3 expects all three projects to complete by the spring or summer of 2023.

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