Memorial Day Parade Saved By Duluth City Council, Fee Dispute Resolved

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth City Council approved a resolution Monday to keep the longstanding Memorial Day Parade in West Duluth by dropping the event’s fee from thousands of dollars to just under $200.

Council President Arik Forsman and Council Vice President Janet Kennedy were behind the resolution.

The resolution changes the fee for the parade to $187.10, which is a symbolic number because veterans say the parade started in West Duluth as far back at 1870.

This comes after city administration announced a $4,000 fee for all parades in the city, citing the costs around policing and overtime, among other costs.

Since 2008, the Memorial Day Parade has had a handshake agreement to only pay $400, so when they got the $4,000 price tag, they were ready to move the parade to another city.

Forsman said there should be exceptions to the rule, especially for a federal holiday recognizing the sacrifices veterans have made for our freedom.

There is an application fee on top of the parade fee, but Forsman said the total would basically be around the $400 handshake agreement.

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