Duluth Skyline Rotary Club Member Goes To Poland To Help Ukranian Refugees

POLAND — A member of the Duluth Skyline Rotary Club has packed his bags and flown over to Poland to help as Ukranian refugees pour over the border to escape the war.

Bob Sherman says he has just arrived there, and plans to help with starting online classes for Ukranian students now living in Poland.

He will also help with the vetting of certain organizations offering to take in women and children, as sex trafficking has become a real concern with millions of Ukranians fleeing to Poland and other parts of Europe.

“We have an obligation to take care of these people now,” Sherman said. “Rotary is really committed to that. It has dedicated all of its disaster relief funding from now through June 30th to disaster relief in Ukraine.”

The Duluth Skyline Rotary Club has already raised $6,700 to help refugees, and hopes to secure another $25k from the Rotary International Club for that purpose.

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