New Therapy at Yoga Studio Helps People Chill-Out in Lake Superior

The cold water immersion is modeled after the Wim Hof Method.

DULUTH, Minn.– A local yoga and fitness studio in Downtown Duluth is offering a new advanced form of yoga to really help you “Chill-out.”

Evolve Yoga and Fitness Downtown is adding cold water immersion to their list of teachings. They tell us the practice has many health benefits and helps to gain mental strength.

“We’re also offering these fun experiences and wellness experiences outside of the studio and in the playground of the Duluth area,” says managing partner of Evolve Yoga, Katrina Pierson, “This is an opportunity for me to, sort of, observe and witness my mind and probably the million of times I’m going to want to jump out and just to take another breath and just relax and do it.”

Instructors plan to have a class next week. For more information click here , or download the app Mind Body.

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