Superior Police Chief Releases Dash Cam Video of Squad Car v.s. Pedestrian Incident as DOJ Hands Investigation to District Attorney

Chief Nicholas Alexander "does not anticipate any disciplinary action" to be taken.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- After a Wisconsin Department of Justice review, Superior Police Chief Nicholas Alexander says the officer who allegedly ran over a person in his squad car in February will likely not receive any punishment for what he calls “a tragic and unfortunate accident.”

According to the Chief, while investigating an alleged vehicle prowler on February 19th, an officer turned east onto 8th Street from Tower Avenue and experienced a bump.

The scene was dark in the dash cam video released Friday, and Chief Alexander said that even after slowing it down and re-watching it many times, it’s hard to see that there is a person or object in the road.

The officer didn’t see anything in his rearview mirror and assumed it was a piece of snow or ice.

Later someone called 911 about a person lying in the middle of 8th Street and that officer returned and requested medical response.

When he realized he had driven down the road before he told his sergeant that he may have driven over the victim and requested to review the squad car footage.

Chief Alexander says at this time, they still don’t know why the person was lying in the roadway and their name is being withheld according to Marsy’s Law.

The investigation went to the Wisconsin Department of Justice and State Patrol, and Chief Alexander said the officer was placed on administrative leave and cooperated fully.

Now, the D.O.J report goes to the Douglas County District Attorney who will decide if the officer should be charged.

“Upon review of the records available to me I believe the final finding will be that this is a tragic and unfortunate accident and we continue to express our sincere well wishes to the victim of this incident,” said Chief Alexander.

FOX 21 is holding off on naming him unless he is.

That officer returned to his regular working schedule on March 12th.

“The department will review the findings of the District Attorney, when available, but does not anticipate any disciplinary action as a result of this incident,” the Chief said.

The victim is at home and recovering from his injuries.

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