SUPerior Paddle Academy Enjoys Last Days Of Colder Excursions Before Summer Tours Start

DULUTH, Minn. — Even though our spring weather is still feeling more like winter, that didn’t stop some paddleboarders from enjoying time on Lake Superior around Duluth on Sunday.

The owner of SUPerior Paddle Academy, a local business that organizes paddleboarding excursions, took a group out on the water.

He says the experience is still comfortable in chillier temperatures, even if you fall in the water, as long as you’re outfitted with the right cold water apparel.

“It’s fun, it’s like an awesome novelty experience, and of course we are working, we’re getting good exercise and enjoying time outside,” Jared Munch, the owner of SUPerior Paddle Academy, said. “The ice gives you some sort of target to use in the water, oftentimes in the summer I like to maneuver around buoys or other paddle boarders. In the winter, we maneuver around ice chunks, and occasionally we get to hop off and walk around on said ice chunks.”

Now, the business is preparing to take groups out for late spring and summer tours.

If you would like to learn more about SUPerior Paddle Academy, click here.

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