Local Elementary Students Get Hands-On Learning about Making Maple Syrup

DULUTH, MN – As part of an outdoor learning program, students at Pike Lake Elementary School spent part of their day making maple syrup.  The students have 25 trees tapped in a nearby forest which have provided about a gallon of sap each so far. Being engaged in the process of tapping the trees, collecting the sap, filtering, and boiling down to syrup is great for the children to learn about and appreciate the great outdoors of the Northland.

“It’s hands-on, it’s active, obviously active, but it does lead to enthusiasm, excitement. It’s a wonderful time, a great group of kids, great place to be, can’t beat it,” said 4th grade teacher Rob Marohn.

They currently have enough sap to make about a gallon of syrup, but with 80 fourth and fifth graders, they hope to be able to make a couple more gallons for a pancake feast.

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