Historic Budget Proposal for Minnesota Housing

DULUTH, Minn. – Thursday, Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan was in Duluth discussing housing investments desperately needed in the state.

A roundtable included a Minnesota Housing Commissioner, Mayor Emily Larson, and supportive housing providers and advocates.
They discussed where the historic, nearly $1 billion dollar budget proposal will be allocated.

The proposal specifically prioritizes strengthening support of housing across the state as well as child care, and public safety.

“We are making up for generations of lack of investment in communities who have been traditionally under resourced. So, this is literally the least we can do and now we need the legislature and I’d say the Senate Republicans in particular to make these investments as well,” Minnesota Lieutenant Governor, Peggy Flanagan says.

With such a significant surplus, hearing from community partners was a way for the Flanagan to receive more insight into what is working and what is missing.

“What it really showcases is that some Minnesotans have done really well throughout the pandemic but we have some people who really have not and so how can we use the surplus which is the result of the fact that some people have been able to prosper during this period in order to invest in folks who really need that help to be able to get in a better situation,” Minnesota Housing Commissioner, Jennifer Ho says.

The historic budget proposal would be allocated toward housing and homelessness over a span of the next three years.

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