Several Duluth Area Leaders Call for Climate Bill to Pass U.S. Senate

DULUTH, Minn. – Several of Duluth’s local and statehouse leaders are pushing for more action in Washington to combat climate change.

Duluth Council Member Mike Mayou cites recent extreme weather events, from the flooding in 2012, to storms damaging the Lakewalk, to last year’s wildfires, as signs that action needs to be taken soon.

“That’s when the climate crisis really hits home for some people is when they see those effects,” says Mayou, “and it shouldn’t have to be that.  It shouldn’t have to be us seeing the real effects of it, but we’re starting to see that already, and it’s only going to get worse from here.”

He and State Senator Jennifer McEwen are urging the U-S Senate to pass 550-billion dollars in climate investments, which passed the House last November.  They hope creating more electricity from renewable sources in the country will lead to energy independence and a growing economy.

“What lies ahead is a new, better economy for our entire region for the people of the world,” says State Senator Jennifer McEwen, “and we can lead in our region in Northeast Minnesota.”

Supporters of the legislation say if passed, it could create more than 175-thousand jobs in Minnesota and Wisconsin over the next five years, while also saving the lives of over 2-thousand people each year from fossil-fuel pollution.

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