Troop 25 Boy Scouts Giving Back In Conservation Service Project

DULUTH, Minn. — Sunday evening over in West Duluth, Scouts of Troop 25 got together to continue working on their conservation service projects.

Last spring the scouts visited the Sax-Zim Bog, and this spring, they’re building ways to give back and help preserve it. They’re building bird houses for the blue bird and kestrel population to provide a place for reproduction.

They can lay eggs and allow researchers to study populations closer, but the Assistant Scout Master believes it can teach the scouts a little too in the process.

“Well, it’s a service project so it’s giving to their community, and prepares them for life when they’re done school and they, when they’re out searching for jobs, it teaches them a little about all life experiences I think,” Mike Herrick, Assistant Scout Master, Troop 25 said.

Troop 25 is almost done building them, then they will connect with the bog soon to drop them off.


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