Duluth Fire Dept: Sunday Grass Fire a Reminder Brush Burns Easier in Spring

Crews knocked that 1 acre fire down within a couple of hours.

DULUTH, Minn.- A brush fire Sunday out in Gary New Duluth is a reminder, firefighters say, that we’re entering one of the seasons where grass and wildland fires are common.

According to firefighters out at Station 10 in Gary, sparks from railway tracks off Becks Road, which is near Grand Avenue, likely started a brush fire that burned for about an acre to an acre and a half.

Crews knocked that fire down within a couple of hours.

Fire officials say as the snow leaves and warmer temps come in, it’s more important that people be careful burning campfires, or using matches or other flammable activities near grass and brush.

“The springtime and the fall-time are the most common times that we have wildland fires or grass fires just due to the lack of moisture,” said Captain Josh Wightman. “Springtime especially once the snow’s gone all that fuel is dry and ready to burn.”

“Once the wind starts kicking up it really will, it’ll push the heat forward it’ll preheat all those fuels in front of it, and that just kind of accelerates things,” he said.

When responding to the fire Sunday, crews used this grass rig.

The four-wheeler can go off-road and is outfitted with a smaller water tank, a lighter-weight hose than on a regular firetruck that can extend hundreds of feet, and backpacks filled with water for crews to spray on foot.

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