15 People Recognized At St. Louis County’s 911 Lifesaver Awards

Lifesaver 1

ST. LOUIS CO., Minn. — Fifteen people were recognized at St. Louis County’s 911 Lifesaver Awards ceremony on Tuesday morning.

The honorees ranged from everyday people, to first responders and law enforcement, along with 911 dispatchers.

Some of the stories include four men working for a power company who noticed a car was overturned in a ditch filled with water and pulled over to help rescue the driver stuck inside.

In another heroic instance, a couple out boating one day saved the life of a man who they found floating in a cold lake with his capsized canoe.

Other stories touched on the teamwork between calm 911 dispatchers, fast-moving officers and first responders, and good Samaritans, such as those who came together to save a choking baby, and two law enforcement officers who pulled a woman out of a burning apartment complex.

These awards have been given out by St. Louis County for almost thirty years as part of recognizing National Telecommunicators Week and the amazing work of the Northland’s everyday heroes.

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