Great Outdoors: Spring Weather Draws People to North Shore

With the Spring Weather Here to Stay, People are Heading Out to Enjoy the Views on The North Shore

-Minnesota North Shore

With the spring weather returning to the Northland, some folks are eager to once again get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the North Shore.

Rick Pelky, of Brainard, put it simply, “It’s just a nice, calming, relaxing place to come to. Beautiful.”

From sunrise to sunset, the North Shore of Lake Superior boasts stunning rocky views, a vast fresh water lake, and a few hidden gems along the way. For locals and tourists alike, the North Shore has become a destination like no other, offering peace, fresh air, and a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“Oh yeah. It’s a great getaway.”

As the Northland welcomes the warm spring air, and the snow starts uncovering the beauties of the shore, a trip up Highway 61 is on many people’s minds.

“We’re just cruising up the shore.”

Highway 61 runs along the shore of Lake Superior, starting in Duluth and stretching all the way to the Northern Minnesota border in Grand Portage. While there are many activities to do along the shore, the main attraction is the lake.

Denise Rathmin, a North Shore newbie, said she was on the lookout for some white caps rolling over the lake.

“We’re looking for the big waves,” she said.

While some come to watch the waves roll in, others, like Ardys Noreen, are more interested in what they can discover on the shoreline.

“We came to see the pink rocks,” Ardys said.

These pink rocks can be found at Iona’s beach, a lesser-known North Shore beach, which rests between Gooseberry Park and Split Rock Lighthouse. The beach is home to rocky outcrops and tall pine trees, but it’s prized possession is all those colorful rocks. The beach is made up of rhyolite pebbles, which is what gives Iona’s its rosy tone. Unfortunately, with the Northland’s unpredictable weather, a trip to the beach this time of year might lead to some unexpected change of plans.

“They’re under snow, so we are just looking at the waves and wishing it were a little warmer.”

Even with the snow still on the ground, the trip was still well worth it.

“Well this is beautiful too,” she concluded.

When it comes to the best spot along the North Shore, everybody has a go-to favorite.

“Mine? Pallisade Head,” Rick Pelky said.

For Ardys, the answer was easy. “Crossriver Falls,” she said without hesitation.

No matter the location, the North Shore offers something for everyone, whether that’s surfing, rock hunting, or even just listening to the waves crash down.

For Ardys, the reason to keep coming back to the shore is clear. She simply stated, “I’ve been a lot of places in this world, and I like Minnesota Wisconsin best.”

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