Despite the Weather, Spring Biking Season Underway

DULUTH, Minn. –

The persistent winter weather may not be the most appealing for outdoor activities.  However, it isn’t stopping some people from getting out for a bike ride.

“People are already out on their bikes quite a bit,” says Ethan Reilly, a mechanic and salesperson with Twin Ports Cyclery.  “I’ve seen three different kind of group ride groups that have already gotten back up and running.  They host weekly rides.”

Reilly says there are tips people can follow to help them be as comfortable as possible when riding.  They include wearing several thin layers with a rain jacket on top to stay warm and dry, adding fenders to prevent water from splashing onto them and the bike’s gears, and having wider tires with plenty of tread.

“Everyone’s is not out there racing,” says Reilly, “so going with wider tires, the larger volume, is going to be more comfortable.  It’s going to feel like you have more control, and it’s going to be a comfier ride.”

When out riding, Reilly says bicyclists have the right to a clear path.  That means they don’t have to be on a part of the roadway that still have remnants of winter snow piles such as dirt and grit.  “Be courteous and considerate of traffic, but you do have a right to a clear path.  If there is too much debris, you don’t have to be riding deep in the shoulder of the road.”

After one completes their ride when the weather isn’t ideal, Reilly says a quick clean up can help prolong the bike’s overall life.  That includes using an air hose and towel to remove dirt and grit from the frame and gears, and properly keeping the gear lubed.  “You not trying to lube the outside of the chain.  You want to be lubing the bearings and rollers inside of it.  So after you lube your chain, I would say what helps the most is wiping the outside of the chain since you don’t want a wet chain.”

Twin Ports Cyclery expects to see more people with repair and tune-up needs once warmer temperatures are here to stay.  They suggest people do that now before spring-like weather returns.

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