RJ Sport and Cycle Preparing for Summer

DULUTH, Minn. – RJ Sport and Cycle is preparing for summer as it is the busiest time of year for them.

The boats have recently started to arrive at the shop in Duluth and demand is heavy as fishing opener is right around the corner. On an average year, RJ’s sells roughly 150 to 180 boats and 80 pontoons.

With demand the way it is, staff there say if you are planning to buy a boat, don’t wait too long.

“I’m already taking deposits and people are planning to order for next season because the particular colors or designs they want they just can’t get it this year. You have to plan 6, 8, 10 months in advance or you’re not going to get the item or the machine that you want,” RJ Sport & Cycle Salesman, Tony Bianchi says.

So far this year, the shop has sold 84 boats and pontoons that will be out the door by the end of May.

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