Live Interview: ‘Tuffy’ Needs Forever Home After Found Starving To Death

CLOQUET, Minn. – A Cloquet woman, who is also a veterinarian technician at the Duluth Veterinary Hospital, is looking to find a forever home for a stray dog that was found severely malnourished about nine weeks ago.

Jodi Dog Before And After

Before and after care

Jodi Carlson has been working to build up Tuffy’s strength for the past seven weeks.

Talking to Dan Hanger during the 8 a.m. hour of FOX 21’s morning show, Carlson said Tuffy has gained weight, continues to love eating and has plenty of love to give.

Tuffy, who is believed to be between 9 and 12 years old, comes with some special needs.

He takes kidney and gallbladder medications and needs to go out for potty breaks every two hours or so, so his ideal home is with someone who works from home or is retired.  Tuffy is also a bit territorial of his food, naturally given his situation, so he is best to be in a home without kids.   And while he is good with other dogs, he’s best in a home where he gets all the attention.


Jodi Carlson, Tuffy, Dan Hanger

If you are interested in adopting Tuffy, he is free and comes with all shots, a large kennel and months of food thanks to donations from the Missing Pets in the Northland Facebook group, which Carlson helps manages.  The only qualification is a veterinary reference check.

You can message Carlson on her Facebook page, the Missing Pets page, or by email at

Coming up Friday on FOX 21 News at 9, Dan Hanger will have more on Tuffy’s journey.





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