Duluth Parks and Rec Holds Youth Soccer Camp

The camp, which is for kids ages five and six, is run by former UMD soccer captain Julia Osborne.

DULUTH, Minn. – Through the Duluth Parks and Recreation, one UMD soccer player is helping give back to the youth soccer community.

“I was asked by my boss to put on a soccer camp for the first time. I’ve always wanted to get into coaching so I thought what better way than working with a young population,” former UMD soccer midfielder/captain and coach of this soccer camp Julia Osborne said.

Each week Osborne coaches a group of new players ages five and six to go over the basic soccer skills.

“Passing, dribbling, shooting and just kind of applying those to a game like situation,” Osborne said.

Getting these kids started young will only help them in a community where soccer continues to grow.

“Just to see that kids are still interested in the sport, just to see from my own experience how impactful soccer has been so it’s really cool to see in a younger population,” Osborne added.

This new program allows the kids to try something new and have some fun.

“Just getting them immersed into an environment where they experience working with teammates and those team building skills and just running around and having fun with it because at the end of the day, playing soccer is something that should be enjoyable,” Osborne said.

While Osborne has the chance to give back to the same soccer community that helped build her.

“I started playing soccer at the age of six so this is an exciting opportunity to kind of carry on my soccer career. It’s exciting to kind of take what I’ve learned throughout the years and give my best insight in their experience with it. It is kind of a challenge and intimidating at times but at the end of the day, they’re just five year olds wanting to run around. I feel like I was put here to spark their interested and help them have a good time,” Osborne added.

The camp will run through the end of the month with another session started this summer. More information can be found on the Duluth Parks and Rec website. 

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