Lawn Care Preparation as Summer Approaches

DULUTH, Minn. – Green thumbs are patiently waiting for the last frost of the spring before they can start planting and taking care of the grass, and we are getting closer every day.

Mike Letica runs a lawn care business, and he says the ground first needs to dry up from all the moisture from the snow and then the grass needs to grow a little bit more before lawnmowers fire up.

You can start raking or blowing away the dead leaves and debris once temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees, which will let the grass breathe and grow properly. Then as it continues to warm up, you can start watering the lawn, which Mike says is best to do in the early morning or late evening instead of midday. That’s because during the peak hours of afternoon sunshine, the moisture will evaporate faster before it has a chance to get to the roots.

“The main thing is that even thought the temperature might even be 70 outside, because of the winter that we have, the ground four inches down might be 45 degrees and the ideal temperature would be about 55-60 degrees. That’s when you can start doing things to your lawn like seeding, fertilizer, preemergent weed killing, things like that,” Mike Letica Lawn Care Owner, Mike Letica says.

You can also get ready now by checking on your mower and see if its blades need sharpening, replace any old gas that may have been left in the tank, make sure the spark plugs are working.

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