Duluth Police Department Using 3D Cameras to Scan Accident, Crime Scenes

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Police Department is highlighting equipment that is helping them document accident and crime scenes better.

Last year they purchased three cameras that can scan an area of interest by video. One camera can handle an area between 2 to 12 feet in front of them, while a second can handle an area between 1 to 6 feet in front of them.  The third camera will attach to one of the cameras to aid in taking images outside. What gets captured is used to create a 3D image.

Investigator Aaron Pry says the image can be used as evidence during a court hearing.  “Generally we’re up there on the stand testifying and trying to explain what we’ve seen at the scene and tell the story of the scene.  Between what we’re saying and where evidence was, this is going to help us.  We’re able to actually bring the scene in there in a 3D version, and move within the scene as if the jury was right there.

Pry adds this technology can also be used to help the public understand what happened at a crime and accident scene.  “It helps to make things more transparent, if this is ever made public after the investigation and the trial is done.

The department had considered purchasing this equipment as early as 2016.  Since then the price had dropped to a point where grant money was used to purchase it, costing around $12,500. Pry says the wait also helped in having better technology for this equipment available.  “It’s gotten smaller.  The capabilities are greater.  Even as this technology changes to keep up on this, it’s extremely important.”

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