Northern Star: Jack Perala

Jack Perala stays busy playing baseball, studying to become a bio-chemistry professor and practicing the tuba for his next concert.

DULUTH, Minn.– Jack Perala is not your typical college student. In fact, one might wonder just how he gets anything done. A junior captain on the baseball team, a bio-chemistry major and a member of the CSS band.

While Perala brings a big arm to the Saints pitching staff, “I really enjoyed playing tee ball from the beginning, around the first grade and kind of the typical path through little league and school ball, summer ball, baseball a lot of my life,” says Perala.

But it’s his leadership that that has a major impact on his teammates, “Jack’s a guy who really just is an example of what we’re looking for in student-athletes in terms of how they go about their academic work, and beyond that as a leader not only of our pitching staff and the ways he’s performing, he’s also a guy that likes to keep the guys loose, he’s very enegetic on the bench when he’s no pitching and he’s just the type of teammate that all of our guys want and certainly someone that’s earned the respect of his teammates,” says head coach Brandon Swartz.

When Perala isn’t on the ballfield, he’s in the Mitchell Auditorium playing the tuba, which he considers the root of he ensemble.

“I started music when I was younger, about sixth grade, started with the trumpet, then around eleventh grade switched over to the tuba, my parents had an influence on that, they wanted me to start with music early, but they didn’t have to keep pushing because I enjoyed it and thought that I wanted to keep doing it for my life,” says Perala.

In addition to his extra-curriculars, Perala is also big into his studies, with hopes to one day become a professor.

“In the spring I was in San Diego, I presented research that I did at the college with the faculty. That was actually right after our break in Florida, so I took a plane from Orlando to San Diego, so it was great to have he schools support with that,” Perala says.

Juggling a busy schedule doesn’t seem to have any impact on his performances, whether on the mound, in the lab or in the band. Perala says, doing the things you love makes it easier to handle the work load.

“Just knowing there’s more to life than just baseball, music, academics, there’s more to life than that.”

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