Training Presentations Held for Criminal Justice Officials

Clyde Iron Works hosts Criminal Justice Summit.


DULUTH, Minn.– Law enforcement, prosecution and community based prosecution advocates gathered for a meeting that discussed the ever-changing elements of the criminal justice system.

The event included speakers and presentations from the surrounding areas that touched on evidence-based investigations, overdose homicides, warrantless searches and crime victim rights. Presentations gave criminal justice officials the opportunity to learn training tactics when dealing with different criminal and victim scenarios.

“These types of trainings are really important because they help us keep up to do with what’s going on out there,” says St. Louis County attorney, Kim Maki, “We might not learn everything we need to know today, but at least we’ll be alerted to different things that are being used by people who engage in criminal activity, so that we can keep up with them and try to stop their activity before it harms too many people in our communities.”

The event was held at Clyde Iron Works and had around 120 attendants at the venue.

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