Tugboat Stuck In Duluth Harbor Still There A Month Later, Has Leaked Less Than Four Gallons Of Oil

Tugboat Pic Paul Scinocca Credit
Courtesy: Paul Scinocca

DULUTH, Minn. — The partially-sunken tugboat in the Duluth Harbor is still there more than a month later, with no immediate plans for it to be moved.

The U.S. Coast Guard tells FOX21 that the tugboat is still leaking oil, but in total it’s been less than four gallons so far.

A contractor is there every day laying down material around the tugboat that continues to absorb any of the oil that leaks into the water.

The tugboat still had more than 7,500 gallons of fuel and oil inside of it when it began going under.

The Coast Guard says they continue to monitor the situation, but officials have no timeline planned out of when it can be moved, which the tugboat’s private owner will need to get involved with, too.


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