Live Interview: New Incentives Offered To Recruit, Retain Duluth Police Officers

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth Police Lt. Steve Ring, who has been on the department for more than 20 years, stopped by FOX 21 during the 7 a.m. hour to talk to Dan Hanger about new incentives being offered to recruit and retain Duluth police officers.   Click the video above for more on that conversation, and see below for a press release with links for more on this subject and how to join the force.

New Incentives Offered to Sworn Members at the Duluth Police Department

The Duluth Police Department is offering new incentives to come work at DPD. These new incentives are offered to current sworn officers, new recruits, and lateral officers.

“Competing with multiple agencies for the same pool of officers is difficult,” said Chief of Police Mike Tusken. “The incentives we are now offering allow us to be competitive when retaining our current staff while also hiring qualified candidates moving forward.”

A contract agreement that recently went through for current officers and new recruits includes:

  • Sworn officers to receive a 13% pay raise increase over a three-year time period. Which is a base salary of $5425 – $6650/month in 2022.
  • Longevity award lowered from eight years down to seven years.

A contract agreement for lateral officers who have previous years of law enforcement experience includes:

  • Candidates with three or more years of previous experience will start at top patrol pay, which is a base salary of $6652/month in 2022.
  • Previous law enforcement experience will be counted towards vacation accrual rates and longevity awards.
  • All lateral hires will be eligible to apply for DPD’s master cop program, which includes additional pay incentives, and specialty assignments at the conclusion of their probationary period.

If you’re an officer from a different department and are interested in working at DPD, click here. Lateral hire applications are open 365 days a year. If you’re interested in joining DPD as a new recruit, go here. Applications for new recruits are open today, April 26, and will close on Monday, May 23.


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