Duluth Pack Unveils Legacy Pack, Commemorates 140th Year in Business

DULUTH, Minn. – The official item commemorating Duluth Pack’s 140th year in business is now for sale.

The Legacy Pack was unveiled at their store today, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The limited edition item is based on the design of three other packs, with each one numbered and signed by the person who put it together.

“And it also pays homage to the original styles that Camille Poirier handcrafted because it has a brass tag on it,” says Marketing Manager Andrea Johnson.  “As you can see, it has the 140th insignia, and it’s just something that we are able to do and really excited about the community coming around and rallying and supporting us.”

Johnson adds Duluth Pack would not have survived since 1882 without their loyal customer base and the surrounding community.  “So the fact that we have customers that come from all around the world just to stop in our retail store, is so important.   We actually ship to all seven continents.  That does include Antarctica, which is great.

“But also our local community that always rallies with us year round.  We are still homegrown.  We’re based here in Duluth, Minnesota.  All four of our operating locations are here.  Everything is made in Duluth Pack’s factory by our employees is something we are proud of, and it has never changed in 140 years.”

Only 300 Legacy Pack were made.  Based on early release sales, they may all be sold in the next several weeks.

People can also take part in Duluth Pack’s Arbor Day campaign.  For every item that they manufactured sold through May 31, a tree will be planted in the Northland.

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