Twin Ports Gymnast Set to Compete This Weekend at Westerns in His First Competition Season

14-year old Trenton Beron has always had a love for flipping, but didn't start getting formal gymnastics training until one year ago when he joined Twin Ports Gymnastics.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – As a child, it was no surprise that Trenton Beron would grow up to be a gymnast.

“I just like doing flips. With my cousin Sawyer. He lives in Colorado with his family and they’d come down every summer and we’d always play games of flip which is just like horse but with flips. That’s where I started doing flips and it just kind of developed from there,” the 14-year old said.

But it took some time for Beron to actually start training in gymnastics, as he joined Twin Ports Gymnastics just one year ago.

“At first I was on hot shots just to do flips and stuff and then I came to an open gym and I met Reece and Isaac and they were really accepting and nice and I joined the team and now I’m here,” Beron said.

Coached by his teammates, Beron has been able to try more and different flips, while learning the various events during the past year.

“My biggest coach has been the teammates and more or less myself and just learning air awareness and stuff. It’s weird to do stuff without a coach but I still push myself, Reece does too, everyone does,” Beron added.

Then he started competing with the club. A first place finish in his division on vault at regionals just one month ago earned him a spot at Westerns where he will compete against some of the top gymnasts from the western part of the country.

“It was really, really interesting, I was the only one there for our team. My vaults are inconsistent most of the time so it was pretty lucky. It’s going to be fun, really interesting, pretty cool to see everybody doing these pretty big things,” Beron said.

“It’s very exciting. This is his first year competing and it’s very exciting that he was able to pull of the skills and scores that he did. He’s very brave and has no fear which helps throw the bigger skills,” gym director Krista Almquist added

Although he still has a lot to learn and ways he can grow, Beron says he’s ready for the challenge and of course, to keep flipping.

“I think it’s great for athletes around here, especially with the boys, to see there’s other sports that are out there and we’ve got a few younger boys within the program and it gives them the motivation and the inspiration to be able to continue gymnastics and get big skills of their own,” Almquist said.

“Do bigger flips, that’s definitely a big one. As a level 7, I can’t really compete too much huge things and skills in routines so next year I’ll probably have more skills in my routines, more flips and stuff and it will be fun. It’s really cool, I never had a clue I’d be here,” Beron added.

Westerns will take place this weekend in Reno, Nevada.

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