24th Year of Duluth Homegrown Music Festival Returns

DULUTH, Minn. — The homegrown music festival not only brings people together and highlights local talent during a week of wonderful music but the kickoff to the 24th year of it celebrates more than just that.

“Oh it’s so exciting we’ve been honestly like preparing for months for this show,” Diona Johnson “Afrogeode” of Afrogeode and the Gemstones said.

This year’s homegrown means a little more to the community. From being canceled due to covid, then going virtual the following year, the return to the stage has both artists and consumers excited.

“All the people coming out and especially now after all the covid lock down stuff it’s really nice to be able to just like see everybody out and about,” Mariah Lyscio, a Volunteer at Homegrown said.

And behind the microphone, it’s a nice view to see a live crowd during the festival again.

“So happy that we all can come together and do so safely, and with so much joy and energy,” Johnson said.

The aisles and tables of hoops brewing in Canal Park were filled with eager fans and Mayor Larson joined to help kick the festival off.

“I’ve been greeted numerous times by people who are just so excited to see what we’ve got ready for them and we’re just really excited to be here,” Johnson said.

As the festival features multiple different bands and live music venues, it reflects the creativity and artistic nature of the twin ports.

“Every artist and performer has such a different feel and the way that they interact with the crowd and the community is really cool,” Lyscio said.

It’s a community the artists are proud to be a part of too.

“I think that we just have a really unique music scene that is so diverse in terms of what you’re going to hear and who’s doing what and everybody is so excited all the time about live music so it’s really cool to be a part of that,” Johnson added.

It also creates a network between local performers and venues, which allows them to help cheer each other on.

“But I’m excited to be everywhere this week and I will definitely be supporting other musicians”

Homegrown continues through May 8th, head to their website to find out the schedule and how to purchase wrist bands.

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