‘He Changed The Nation’: Former VP Walter Mondale Honored At Memorial Service


Former Vice President Walter Mondale was remembered by friends and family on Sunday as a man who fought for what was right and who loved Minnesota — and was loved back by Minnesota.

Speakers ranging from President Joe Biden to Senator Amy Klobuchar, a former Mondale intern, to historians and family members came together Sunday to honor the former vice president.

“One of the great giants in American history,” recalled President Biden. “And that’s not hyperbole. Fritz was a giant in American political history.”

Mondale was remembered as a man who wasn’t satisfied with the status quo.

“He led the way. He set a high bar, and time after time, he kept passing it and raising it,” explained Senator Klobuchar. “Passing it and raising it. It was during Mondale’s time as vice president that we first met.”

His legacy, leaving behind a freer and fairer America.

“There are black people in America today who can vote and work and live more freely and fairly because of Fritz Mondale,” recalled historian Jon Meacham. “There are women in America today who see no limit to their dreams because of Fritz Mondale. There are safer cars in America. There are rivers of clean water in America. There are enclaves of untouched wildlife in America today because of Fritz Mondale. He never stopped believing in this country. He never stopped fighting for its people. And thankfully, he never stopped defending democracy.”

Guest list

Sunday’s speakers at the memorial service included:

  • President Joe Biden
  • U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • U.S. Senator Tina Smith
  • Minnesota Governor Tim Walz
  • University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel
  • Civil rights activist Josie Johnson
  • Presidential historian Jon Meacham
  • Walter Mondale’s sons, Ted Mondale and William Mondale
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