Memorial Day Parade Organizers Looking for More Participants

DULUTH, MN – The Duluth Women of Today are once again hosting Duluth’s annual Memorial Day Parade coming up on May 30th.  They currently have about 20 groups and businesses signed up to participate but are looking for more to come and honor our fallen veterans.  There is no cost to sign up as a parade participant and organizers have just two stipulations when you do sign up… no politics, and get out those red, white, and blue decorations.

“Anyone who feels like they want to honor our fallen veterans, if you have a business or something you could put that in. But we just ask that you, you know, maybe decorate your vehicle or float, whatever it is, in some patriotic red, white, and blue and show your honor for those veterans,” said Memorial Day Parade Chair Sharon Bergquist.

If you are interested in signing up, go to their website or visit their Facebook page.  If you would like your organization to be announced by the commentator you need to register before May 23rd.

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