Sen. Klobuchar Hosts Virtual Roundtable With Police Chiefs About Spike In Violent Carjackings

MINNESOTA — Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota recently hosted a roundtable on the rise in carjackings that has hit both the state and the rest of the country.

Carjackings have spiked over the past two years, especially in metro areas like the Twin Cities.

At the virtual roundtable, police chiefs spoke about how tough the crime is to combat, along with how traumatizing it can be to the victims.

Klobuchar says she’s urging the Department Of Justice to coordinate with state and local law enforcement agencies to figure out solutions that could reduce carjackings.

“These are the people that you serve and that I serve, like the man who pulled over to check a strange noise in his car, trying to figure out what it is, you can imagine that could happen to anyone, and he was carjacked, kidnapped, held hostage, severely beaten, forced to drive his captors to an ATM to withdraw money from his bank account and somehow he miraculously got out of it and survived,” Klobuchar said. “Cases like these are horrifying. People shouldn’t have to endure that kind of trauma simply because they happen to be at a certain place at a certain time.”

Among other initiatives that address community violence, the senator says she is pushing for the COPS Reauthorization Act, which is a bipartisan bill that would boost police recruitment efforts with grants.

Another bill in Congress that the senator is part of includes allowing suspects to be charged with conspiracy within the federal carjacking laws, as she says these incidents can often be part of organized crime rings.

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